Report For Week Ending 6th May 2018

Saturday 28th April: 
Ladies - Winner: Lorry Donaldson 36, Runner Up: Helen Wastel 33.
Pin Shots: Pro shot 2: Lorry Donaldson 2.38m Club Shots Hole 9: Lyndal Della Bosca 1.18m, Hole 11 Tricia Donaldson 2.10.
Rundown: Lorry Donaldson 36.

Wednesday 2nd May:
Ladies played a 4BBB Stableford. Trophy: Harvey Norman Electrical.
Winners: Judy Lindsay/ Gloria Lowry 43, Runners Up: Helen Kirn /Margaret Moran 42.
Pin Shots: Pro shot No 2 All Grades: Marg Moran/ Helen Kirn 80cm (2) No 18: not won. Hole 7 donatd by the Edge: Julie Blake/Issy McDonald 9.4m. Club Shots 8 Div 1: not won, Div 2: Julie Blacke/Issie McDonald 2.87m. Hole 4 off green: Issie McDonald/Julie Blake 4cm. Hole 12: Div 1: Meryl Boneham/Lorrie Donaldson 45cm, Div 2: Julie Blair/Helen Wastell In the Hole.
Rundown: Judy Lindsay/Gloria Lowry, Helen Kirn/Margaret Moran.

Thursday 28th April:
City of Rockhampton 4BBB Stroke Championships.
Trophy: The investment Collective.
Nett Winners: Kathy Beaumont & Catherine Jacques 62
Gross Runner Up: Cathy Simmers & Isobel McDonald 82
Pin Shots: Pro shot Hole 2: Kathy Davidson & Debbie Jenikins 1.77 - Pro shot Hole 18: Carol Young & Barb Funch 4.72 - Club shot Hole 3: Shelly Horwell & Val McCelland (in the Hole) - Club Shot Hole 7: Cathy Simmers & Isobel McDonald 3.36 - Chub Shot Hole 12: Shirley Gleeson & Deanne Smith (in the hole) - Club Shot Hole 15: Debbie Jenkins & Kathy Davidson 24cm/Cathy Simmers & Isobel McDonald 24cm.

Friday 29th April: No results at this stage.

Bank of Queensland North Rockhampton - Rockhampton Open Results.
36 Hole Open Champion: Dylan Parish 139, 36 Hole Open Runner Up: Ricky Gunzler 140,
36 Hole B Grade Champion: Dean Rothery 169, 36 Hole B Grade Runner Up: Glenn Cox 173,
36 Hole C Grade Champion: Harold Buchholz 193, 36 Hole C Grade Runner Up: Brett McAtamney 194.
36 Hole Net A Grade Winner: Rhian Applewaite 136, 36 Hole Nett A Grade Runner Up: Rowan Coombes 141,
36 Hole Nett B Grade Winner: George Pomfret 141, 36 Hole Nett B Grade Runner Up: JJ Dunnett 145,
36 Hole C Grade Winner: Brett McAtamney 146, 36 Hole Nett C Grade Runner Up: Keith Stone 147.
J.J Macaulay Cup: Rhian Applewaite 136,
Best 36 Hole Nett Visitor: Robert Spence 143

Saturday Results:
18 Hole A Grade Nett Winner: Rhian Applewaite 65, 18 Hole A Grade Nett Runner Up: Brendan Milne 69,
18 Hole B Grade Nett Winner: Phil Benson 68,
18 Hole B Grade Nett Runner Up: Dean Rothery 68,
18 Hole C Grade Nett Winner: Harold Buchholz 70, 18 Hole C Grade Nett Runner Up: John Klosterman 72
Pin Shots: Pro Shots No 2: Phil Hauritz 95cm, No 8: Dylan Parish 40cm, No 18: Tim Cumming 2.55m, No 11: Blaike Perkins 1.1m.
Long Drives: A Grade - Jayden Bayliss, B Grade: Glenn Cox, C Grade: Josiah Drane.

Sunday Results:
18 Hole Nett Winners and Runners up - Results to follow.
Pin Shots: Pro Shots: No 2: Arthur Veser-Brown 1.00m, No 8: Ben Scott 1.36m No 18 Dane Smith 19cm, No 11 Steve Snell 1.15m Long Drives: A Grade: Jack Kemp, B Grade Brian Sleep C Grade: Harold Buchholz

Breckels Shield Qualifiers:
Rowan Coombes & Aaron Beck vs Luke Harris & Richard Pershouse
Andrew Fenning & Steve Snell vs Izak Grobler & LJay Grobler
1st Round 24/6/18 Final Round 1/7/18

The City of Rockhampton Open was proudly Sponsored by
Bank of Queensland North Rockhampton Matt Sleaford.

Coming Events:
Thursday 10th May: Thursday Club Stableford
Saturday 12th May: Monthly Medal Trophy: Gary Thomasson Betta Electrical. Gary & Chris Thomasson.
Sunday 13th May: Mothers Day Juniors Captain Vs Captain


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