Report For Week Ending 18th February 2018

Wednesday 14th February: 
Ladies played a Captain Vs Vice Captain Stableford. Trophy: Cathy Simmers & Nola Pontifex.
Winner: Cathy’s Team. Chris Rattenbury 36.
Runner Up: Nola’s Team Issie McDonald 37.
Third: Cathy’s Team: Jenny MacAleese 34,
Fourth: Nola’s Team: Cathy Jacques 33

Pin Shots: Pro Shot No 2: Deb Carige 7.93m (2 balls ) Pro Shot Hole 18: Jenny MacAleese 5.27m (2 balls). Hole 7 The Edge: not won. Club Pin Shots Hole 4 off the green Anne Lynam 4cm. Hole 8 off the Green: Div 1: Anne Lynam 5m. Div 2: Lyndal Della Bosca 2.61m. Hole 12: Div 1: Lorry Donaldson 2.10m. Div 2: Lyndal Della Bosca 55cm.

Rundown: Cathy Simmers 38, Isobel Mcdonald 37, Chris Rattenbury 36, Jenny MacAleese 34, Cathy Jaques 33, Deb Carige 31.

Thursday Club 15th February: 
A Grade Winner: Rod Carpenter 43, A Grade Runner Up: Tim Grieves 34,
B Grade Winner: Barry Hare 43, B Grade Runner Up: David O’Leary 40,
C Grade Winner: Justin Hooper 40 C Grade Runner Up: John Anderson 39,
Bradman: Brian Roberts 21.

Pin Shots: Hole 2 Pro shot Open: Will Leifels 1.83m, Hole 8 2nd Shot B Grade: David O’Leary, Hole 17 2nd Shot Peter Boodles: Michael Walker 3.19, Hole 18 NTP A Grade Bob Blair 2.42m.

Rundown: Jon Milliner 39, Max McDonald 39, Aln chambers 36, Russell O’Brien 36, Dan Duffy 35, Dale Price 35, Adrian Reynolds 35, Paul Bungey 35, Col McKendry 34, Parso 34, Col Lindsay 34, Graham Young 34.

Saturday 17th February: 
Ladies played a Single Stableford Trophy: Club.
Winner: Lyndal Della Bosca 45. Runner Up: Deb Carige 36, Third: Cathy Simmers 35.
Pin Shots:  Hole 11: Lyndal Della Bosca in the hole. Hole 9: Deb Carige in the hole.
Rundown: Lyndal Della Bosca, Deb Carige.

Men played a Single Stroke: Donors: A.Steenkamp & W.Pretorius.
Best Nett: William Blake 63.
Winner A Grade: Scott Thomas 63. Winner B Grade: Fred Flenady 65, B Grade Runner Up: Ryan James 65c/b, Winner C Grade: Josiah Drane 64, C Grade Runner Up: Denis McKay 66.

Pin Shots:  Pro Shot No 2 All Grades: Ray McMaster 1.34m (16), No 18: A Grade: Ray McMaster 30cm (7) No 18: B Grade: Col Handley 3.73m (7), NO 18 C Grade: Peter Swanson 1.3m (6). Club Shots: No 11 A Grade: Merv Keneally 77cm. No 8 B Grade: Peter Mehlhose 3.18m, NO 17 C Grade: Graeme Smith 3.2m. No 13: Jolt Hole: Matthew Richter 1.7m

Rundown: William Blake 63, Scott Thomas 63, Kevin Chopping 64, Josiah Drane 64, Fred Flenady 65, Ryan James 65, Denis McKay 66, George Pezaros 67, Paul Bungey 68, Les Berryman 68, chris Bridges 68, Des Pill 69, Mark Eather 69, Jerome Jackson 69, Jason Busch 69, Will Pretorius 69, Glen Watt 69, Tim Cumming 70, Bevan Thompson 70, Geoff Parsons 70, Tony Patterson 70, Darryl Nissen 70, Glenn Cox 70, Nathan Harris 70, David Swanson 70, Charles Harris 71, Michael Warren 71, Stephen Osborne 71, jared Borghero 71, Aln Chambers 71, Jake Dew 71, David Zonca 72, Jon Milliner 72, Brian Applewaite 72, LJay Grobler 72, Rowan Coombes 72

Sunday 4th February:
CQ Four ball Stableford Handicap Championship. Results not available at this time.

Coming Events:
Wednesday 21st February: Single Stableford. Trophy: Kathy Davidson.
Thursday Club 22nd February: Stableford
Saturday 24th: Men: Split 6’s Stableford (6 blue tees, 6 white tees, 6 red tees) players choose which 6 tees of each colour Trophies: James Sullivan
Women: Single Stableford Trophy: Jean Savage
Sunday 25th February: Women: Holden Scramble 11.00am Shotgun Start
Juniors: Monthly Medal.



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