Report For Week Ending 5th May 2019

Wednesday 1st May:
Ladies - No results

Thursday 2nd May:
40 Played
Winner: Rusty O’Brien 38c/b, Runner Up: Steve Condon 38, 3rd: Jason Bleney 38.

Pin Shots:  Hole 2: Bruce Winn 21cm, Hole 7: 2nd Shot C Grade: not won, Hole 8 2nd Shot B Grade: Sully 2.75, Hole 10 3rd Shot Open Project Mex: John Curran, Hole 11: not won Hole 13: not won, Hole 172nd Shot Peter Boodles: John Curran 2.31, Hole 18 NtP A Grade: Josh Antcliff 3.12m,

Rundown: John Curran 37, Sully 36, Ossie Cheha 36, Josh Antcliff 35, Bruce Winn 35, Thomas Moore 34, Ron Murphy 34, Merv Price 34, Peter McAleese 34, Michael Warren 34, Greg Neumann 34, Peter Mehlhose 32.

Friday 3rd May:
Ladies Played Rockhampton Open 4BBB Nett Championships
Nett Winners: Shirley Gleeson & Anne Lynam 66, Nett runners Up: Lyndal Della-Bosca & Jenny McAlees 69, 2nd Runner Up: Kerrie McHugh & Delroi Bolger 69,

Pin Shots: No 11 1st Shot: Elaine Stewart & Sheryl Hocking, No 13: Div 2: 3rd Shot: Patricia Beck & Judy Lindsay 223, No 8 Div 3: 3rd Shot: Kerrie McHugh & Delroi Bolger 2.51, No 3: From Off the Green: Sheryl Hocking & Elaine Stewart 14cm, Pro shot No2: Anne Fenton & Helena Beale 6.5, Pro Shot No 18: Jocelyn Lederhose & Marg Dunphy 7.1.

Rundown: Shirley Gleeson, Anne Lynam, Lynda Della-Bosca & Jenny McAleese, Delroi Bolger & Kerrie McHugh, Barb Funch & Carol Young, Julie Blake & Isobel McDonald.

Friday 3rd May:
Rockhampton Ladies Open Sponsored by the Investment Collective: David French
Open Champion: Sarah Antcliff 74,
Division 1 Gross Winner: Sarah Antcliff 74, Division 2 Gross Winner: Joy Plowright .98, Division 3 Gross Winner Julia Mills 107, Division 1 Gross Runner Up: Marty Kendall 86, Division 2 Gross Runner Up: Marien Tyson Donnelly 98, Division 3 Gross runner Up: Yvonne Peterken 110,
Division 1 Nett Winner: Anne Lynam 69, Division 2 Nett Winner: Delroi Bulger 74, Division 3 Nett Winner: Deanne Smith 75, Division 1 Nett Runner Up: Vicki Mackay 72, Division 2 Nett Runner Up: Patricia Talbot 74, Division 3 Nett Runner Up: Elizabeth Moss 79, Best Nett Visitor: Helena Beale 75, Best Nett Local Anne Lynam 69.

Pin Shots:  No 11 - 1st Shot Division 1 Visitor: Sarah Antcliff 2.74, Local: Not won. No 13: 3rd Shot Division 2: Visitor: Anne Prendergast 5.74m Local: Deb Carige 1.3m, No 8 3rd Shot Division 3, Visitor: Leonnie Green 4.27, Local Not Won. No 7: 1st Shot Div 1 2nd Shot Div 2 & Div 3: Division 1: Makayla Fraser 4.88, Division 2: Judy Lindsay 3.06m, Division 3: Deanne Smith 2.01m

Saturday 4th Sunday 5th May:
City of Rockhampton Open Trophy: Matt Sleaford BOQ North Rockhampton.

A Grade Winner: Brandon Steele 66, A Grade Runner Up: Michael Learmonth 66,
B Grade Winner: Peter Dawson 66, B Grade Runner Up: Gerald Hickey 66,
C Grade Winner: Adam Crew 67, C Grade Runner Up: Darryl Nissen,
A Grade Long Drive: Jack Healy, B Grade Long Drive: Rusty O’Brien C Grade Long Drive: Adam Crew,

Pin Shots: Nearest the Pin Hole 2: Jorma Laitinen 21cm, Hole 8: Jack Healy 1.05m, Hole 11: Tim Fitzgerald 2m, Hole 18: Jordan Lynch 1.87m, Hole 9: Andrew Nolan Project Mex Voucher 2.86m, Hole 13: Jeremy Fitzsimmons: Jolt Hole Voucher.

A Grade Winner: Darcy Hagan 66, A Grade Runner Up: Greg Black 67,
B Grade Winner: Josiah Drane 68, B Grade Runner UP: Justin Hawley 68,
C Grade Winner: Mark McKay 72, C Grade Runner Up: Kevin Jensen 72.
Long Drive A Grade: Peter Brittain, Long Drive B Grade: Rod Laird,

Pin Shots: Nearest to Pin Hole 2: John Curran 3.02m, Hole 8: Peter Brittain 1.82m, Hole 11: Isaak Jensen 1.46m. Hole 18: Shaun Antcliff 99cm, Hole 9: Project Mex Voucher Andrew Nolan 2.86m, Hole 13 Jolt Hole Jeremy Fitzsimmons 10cm.

Overall Winners 36 Holes:
A Grade Gross Winner 36 Holes: Zachary Maxwell 142, A Grade Gross runner Up 36 Holes: Darcy Hagan 143,
B Grade Gross Winner 36 Holes: Peter Dawson 165, B Grade Runner Up 36 Holes Jake Dew 171,
C Grade Gross Winner 36 Holes: Darryl Nissen 189, C Grade Gross Runner Up 36 Holes: Mark McKay 193

Overall Nett Winners 36 Holes:
A Grade: Brandon Steele 136, A Grade Runner Up: Michael Cunningham 140,
B Grade: Ben Halberstater 140, B Grade Runner Up: Justin Hawley 141,
C Grade Winner: Bevan Goodman 141 C Grade Runner Up: Kevin Jensen 142

Monday 6th May:
City of Rockhampton Mixed Open Championships. Trophy Matt Sleaford BOQ North Rockhampton
Gross Winner: Jim & Trudy Petrie 68. Gross Runner Up: Daryl & Kylie Myles 74,
Nett Winner: Andrew Fenning & Caitlin Cox 65, Nett Runner Up: Julie & Bill Blake 65.

Pin Shots: NTP No 2: Men: Russell Coombes 58cm, NTP: Ladies: Caitlyn Cox 3.17m NTPNo 18: Men: Col Lindsay 8.06m Ladies: Jenny McAleese 2.55m

Coming Events:
Breckels Shield Matchplay
1st Round: 16th June 2019
11.00am: Rowan Coombes & Aaron Beck VS Peter Farley & Alan Devonshire
11.06am: John McMaster & Tim McMaster Vs Steve Snell & Andrew Fenning
Final Round will be played on the 30th June 2019

Thursday 16th May
Stableford Round 2 Pro Am
Friday 17th May
Kids Charity Day CANCELLED
Saturday 18th May
Men: Split 6
Trophy: Danny Barrett
Women: Standard Scratch
Trophy: RGC

Sunday 19th May
Elders Insurance Golfer of the Year
Event Day Sponsor: PFD



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