2017 - Oomiak Refrigeration
       Golfer Of The Year Competition.


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Games will be played on a Sunday each month, February to November and can be of Stroke, Stableford or Par, with the final game played in November as a Stroke event.

12th February Triple A Security Safety Risk & Compliance
12th March Plumb+Plus
9th April Gunna Do Hardware
7th May PFD Food - Paul Marshall
11th June Newsome's Tyres - Darryl Newsome
16th July Oomiak
27th August Sun Palms Motel - Tim Pleming
17th September CQ Water - Greg Cross
15th October AURIZON
Final - 12th November Oomiak Final for qualifying players

Each player will be allocated merited points (see points allocation table below) as to nett performance result of each monthly game.

Monthly Nett - Game Points Allocation Table

1st Place score

101 points

2nd Place score

81 points

3rd Place score

71 points

4th Place score

61 points

5th Place score

51 points

6th Place score

46 points

7th Place score

41 points

8th Place score

36 points

9th Place score

31 points

10th Place score

26 points

All others

15 points

All tied nett place score results receive the same place points allocation.
e.g. Best Nett – tied on 70 – each receive 101 points
Run down placing – tied 71 – each receive 81 points and so on.

A double points allocation will apply for the final Oomiak Refrigeration Golfer of the Year game.

The player recording the highest aggregate points will be declared ‘Oomiak Refrigeration Golfer of the Year’.

A player must accumulate a minimum of 100 points or play a minimum of five monthly events to qualify for the final Oomiak Refrigeration Golfer of the Year competition game.

Competition Fees
Golfer of the Year – RGC Members $15, Non RGC members $25 inc. Green Fees.

Golfer of the Year – Prize Run Down listing process.
1. Placing will be from highest accumulated Oomiak Refrigeration Golfer of the Year points.
2. Ties – Cash prize distribution of ties will be shared equally with the next prize placing as ties and to the limit of total prize listing as advertised.
3. Points Prize Listing: 1st - $600, 2nd -$300, 3rd - $200, 4th - $150 and 5th - $100.

Final Game – Prizes.
1st - $300, 2nd - $200 and 3rd - $100. (per normal game competition golf Rules)

N.B. – All decisions by the Event Committee are final. The committee reserves the right to vary these conditions when as necessary.

Past Golfer of the Year Champions

2011 Neil Laracy - 2012 Ben Curran - 2013 Ossie Cheha
2014 Steve Anderson - 2015 Dean Rothery - 2016 Jim Petrie


Latest Results Here


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Peter Mehlhose through the club on 07 49 273311

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