2018 - Elders Insurance Rockhampton
Golfer Of The Year Competition

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 * Pro Am Nominations Now Open - Thursday 5th – Sunday 8th July *

Report For Week Ending 10th June 2018

Wednesday 6th June: No Results

Thursday Club 7th June:
102 Players played a Single Stableford.
A Grade Winner: Jake Dew 39cb. A Grade Runner Up: Grant Collins 39cb.
B Grade Winner: Ralph Minter 38cb. B Grade Runner Up: John Wastell 38cb.
C Grade Winner: Peter Barrett 39. C Grade Runner Up: Dan Duffy 35cb.
Bradman: Des Pill 19.

Pin Shots: Hole 2 Pro Shot Open: Grant Collins 0.99. Hole 7 2nd Shot C Grade: Matt McGahan 1.02. Hole 8 2nd Shot B Grade: Michael Walker 3.01. Hole 10 3rd Shot Open: Mark Bawden 6.00. Hole 11: not won. Hole 13: Peter Williams 5.88. Hole 17 2nd shot Peter Boodles: Merv Keneally 0.90. Hole 18 NTP A Grade: W. Leifels 3.54.

Rundown: Jeff Kuhl 38, Shannon Van Nunen 38, John Williams 37, Jon Harris 37, Michael Walker 37, Peter Beck b37, Lawrence Corry 36, Darryl Newsome 36, Graham James 36, Kim Hansen 36, Leon Sadler 36, John Baly 35cb.

Saturday 9th June:
Men’s Single Stableford. 148 played. Donors: Ken Savage. Visitors: Brett Thomas Southport.
Winner A grade: Cameron Dougall 38. A Grade Runner up: Scott Thomas 37.
Winner B Grade: Phil Storey 41. B Grade Runner Up: Steve O'Brien 39.
Winner C Grade: Robert McIntyre 40. C Grade Runner Up: Peter Barrett.

Pin Shots: Pro Shots: No.2-All Grades: Phil Storey 92cm. No 18 A Grade: Grant Bond- Hole In One. No 18 B Grade: Phil Benson 2.02m. No 18 C Grade: Tim Higgins 56cm.   Club Shots: No 11 A Grade: Steve Piskor 2.97m. No 8 B Grade: Scott Matveyeff 1.28. No 17 C Grade: Col McKendry 1.28. No 13 All: Cam Dougal 73cm.

Rundown: Phillip Storey 41, Robert McIntyre 40, Stephen O’Brien 39, Peter Barrett 39cb, John Sorensen 39cb, Phillip Benson 39, Charles Harris 38cb, Keith Stone 38cb, Cameron Dougall 38, Matthew Manning 38, Scott Thomas 37cb, Vincent Crough 37cb, John Klosterman 37, Malcolm Bailey 36cb, Ray McMaster 36cb, Trent Lauga 36 cb, Ben Curran 36cb, Daniel Mollard 36, Tony Fitzgerald 35cb, Scott Matveyeff 35cb, Kevin Chopping 35cb, Patrick Charles 35, Peter Germein 34cb, Russell Barrie 34cb, John Barrie 34cb, Greg Black 34cb, David Gleeson 34cb, Michael Godsmark 34cb, Andrew Winter 34cb.

Ladies Single Stableford:  Trophy Donor: Club.
Winner: Gloria Lowry 37. Gross Runner Up:.

Pin Shots: Pro shot Hole 2: Merryl Boneham 7.7m 2balls. Hole 7: Pin Shots Hole 9: Helen Wastell 42cm. Hole 11: Gloria Lowry 1.42cm.

Rundown: Gloria Lowry 37, Deborah Carige 26 ocb.

Sunday 10th June:  Elders Insurance Golfer of the Year. No of the Players: 59. Donors: Newsome Tyres. Visitors: Jim Knuth Cap International GC.

Winner: Ben Curran 69cb. Runner Up: Neil Rogers 69cb. Third Place: Neal Rodda 71.
Pro shots: No 2: Steve Allwood 1.69m 7 balls. No 18: Paul Bungey 1.24m 7 Balls. No 8- Not won. No 11: Neal Rodda 2.14m 7 balls.
Rundown: Ben Curran, Neil Rogers, Neal Rodda, Leon Heath, Deborah Carige, Murray Schearer, JJ Dunnett, Neal Laracy, Willy Liefels, Greg Scotney.

Coming Events:
Wednesday 13th June: Rockhampton City Closed Championships 3rd Round Medal/Brooch. Trophy: Drew Wickerson.
Thursday 14th June: Stroke. Lee Schneider Memorial Day.
Saturday 16th June: Men: Single Stroke. Lee Schneider Memorial Day. Trophy: Gaye Schneider
Women: Single Stableford. Trophy: Kathy Pill. Juniors: Junior Pennants (Cap Resort)
Juniors: Captain vs Vice Captain 7.00am. Social Group: Oxford Hotel 6.30am. Juniors: Yeppoon Open.





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