2018 - Elders Insurance Rockhampton
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Report For Week Ending 1st July 2018

Wednesday 27th June:
Ladies played a Standard Scratch Competition. Trophies: Mary Granville.
Winner: Debbie Jenkins cb -3, Runner Up: Julie Blair -3.
Pro Shot Hole 2: Deb Carige 10.0m 3 balls. Hole 7 donated by the Committee: - not won. Club Pin Shots Hole 12 from off green: Lyndee Bollington 2.10m. Hole 12 Div 1 off the Green: Helen Wastell Shirley Gleeson in the hole. Hole 13 Div 1: not won. Div 2- Julie Blair 2.90m.
Rundown: Debbie Jenkins cb -3, Julie Blair -3, Lyndal Della Bosca -5.

Thursday Club 28th June:
Thursday club played a Stableford.
A Grade Winner: Willy Leifels 70cb. A Grade Runner Up: Leon Heath 70cb.
B Grade Winner: Michael Walker 70. B Grade Runner Up: Neil Smith 72cb.
C Grade Winner: Col McKendry 74cb. C Grade Runner Up: Max McDonald 74cb.
Bradman: Warren Weder 93.

Pin Shots: Hole 2 Pro Shot Open: Lindsay Butcher 0.82. Hole 7 2nd Shot C Grade: Greg Jones 2.26. Hole 8 2nd Shot B Grade: John Baly 5.33. Hole 10 3rd Shot Open Project Mex : Graham Howells Ė in the hole. Hole 11: not won. Hole 13 2nd Shot Open Deganis: Graham Howells 3.28. Hole 17 2nd shot Peter Boodles: Ian Collins 0.71. Hole 18 NTP A Grade: Justin Daniels 2.1.

Rundown: J Hog 71, Peter Dawson 72, John Gunzler 72, Shannon Van Nunen 72, Graham James 73, John Wastell 73, Graham Young 73, Wayne Cook 73, Mark Stafford 74, Wayne Druery 74, Aln Chambers 74, Chopper Farley 74.

Saturday 30th June:
Ladies: Winner: Toni Delaney 41. Runner Up: Chris Rattenbury 34. Pro Shot Hole 2: Toni Delaney 1.86m. Hole 7: Deb Cairge 9.98m. Hole 9: Helen Wastell 20cm. Hole 11: Helen Wastell 96cm. Run Down: Toni Delaney 41, Chris Rattenbury 34.

Menís Single Standard Scratch. Trophy Donor: RGC. 172 played.
Visitors: Andrew Nolan( Biloela) Zac Coombes (Keperra) Greg Sullivan (Carpentaria GC).

A Grade Winner: Vinnie Crough +6. A Grade Runner Up: Ben Curran +4.
B Grade Winner: Alan Stevenson +6. B Grade Runner Up: Phil Storey +5.
C Grade Winner: Stephen Condon +6. C Grade Runner Up: Michael Godsmark +1.

Pro Shots: No 2 All Grades: Adam Macnaughton 35cm (14). No 18 A Grade: Greg Black 10m. No 18 B Grade: David Zonca 4.51. No 18 C Grade: Peter Swanson 6.6m. Club Shots: No 11 A Grade: Shane Caird 3.14m. No 8 B Grade: not won. No 17: C Grade- Mick Harris 4.07m. No 13 Cam Dougall 1.8m.

Rundown: Stephen Condon +6cb, Allen Stevenson +6 cb, Vincent Crough +6, Phillip Storey +5, Bevan Thompson +4 cb, Ben Curran +4, Greg Sullivan +3, Geoff Parsons +2cb, Tim Patterson +2, Chopper Farley +2cb, Denis McKay +2 cb, Rowan Coombes+2cb, Mark Hoare +2cb, Steve Piskor+2 cb, Kevin Chopping +2, Garry Sullivan +1 cb, David Donaldson +1 cb, Warren Weder +1 cb, Jerome Jackson +1cb, Rusty O Brien +1cb, Brian Sleep +1cb, Steve Snell +1cb, Josh Sommerfield +1cb, Michael Godsmark +1cb, Bruce McCulloch +1cb, Noel Gardner +1, David Zonca 0cb, Peter Swanson 0cb, Ian Weigh 0cb, Michael Bennett 0cb, Rhian Applewaite 0cb, Jeffrey Hoy 0cb, Kain Walker 0cb Bevan Goodman 0cb.

Sunday 1st July: Par 3 Competition. Nett Winner: John Baly. Gross Winner: Richie Perhouse. Pin Shots: Adrian Reynolds 10cm 6 balls, Vincent Gregson 50cm 6 balls, Richie Perhouse 60cm 6 balls, Alan Devonshire 80cm 6 balls.

Matchplay: Aaron Beck & Rowan Coombes will play Steve Snell & Andrew Fenning-Date to be announced.

Coming Events:
Tuesday 2nd July: Lexus Day Pro Am.
Wednesday 4th July: Pro Am Sponsors Day.
Thursday 5th July: Pro Am
Friday 6th July: Pro Am
Saturday 7th July: Pro Am
Sunday 8th July: Pro Am





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