2018 - Elders Insurance Rockhampton
Golfer Of The Year Competition

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New Rules of Golf Commence 1st January
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Due to re-scheduling of the Scramble this year and a CQ Four ball qualifying event, we have changed some events in the upcoming days:
Monday 10th December Ladies Presentation Night

Report For Week Ending 2nd December 2018

Wednesday 28th November:
No Competition Played.

Thursday 29th November: 
Thursday Club played a Single Stroke/Round 3 Championships.
A Grade Winner: Steve Snell 69. A Grade Runner Up: Grant Collins 71.
B Grade Winner: Ross Cairge 66. B Grade Runner Up: J Young 69.
C Grade Winner: J Anderson 65. C Grade Runner Up: A Anderson.
Bradman: C. Gregson 93.

Pin Shots: Hole 2 Pro Shot Open: M Elton 3.10. Hole 7 2nd shot C Grade: B Hooper .33. Hole 8 2nd shot B Grade: J Young 2.71. Hole 10 3rd Shot Open Project Mex: Andrew Mansfield 2.56. Hole 11: not won. Hole 13 2nd Shot Open Jolt: J Jackson 2.30. Hole 17 2nd shot Peter Boodles: T Aspinall .60. Hole 18 NTP A Grade Steve Snell 4.12.

Rundown: J Wastell 70, J Jackson 70, G Neumann 70, Dan Duffy 70, J Curran 70, Terry Galvin 70, L Butcher 70, Glen Chopping 70, Garry Sullivan 71, M Godsmark 71, Karen Keneally 71, Peter Egan 72.

Saturday 1st December:
Ladies Single Stroke. Trophy: RGC.
Winner: Julie Blake 73.
Pro Shot Hole 2: not won. Pin Shots: Hole 7: Anne Lynam 19.9m. Hole 11: Helen Wastell 3cm.
Rundown: Julie Blake 73, Judy Lindsay 74, Helen Wastell 75.

Menís Monthly Medal. 146 Played. Donors: Ian Mill, Syd Mills, Andrew Russell, Dan Mollard.
A Grade Winner: Richie Pershouse 69. A Grade Runner Up: Nathan Beauchamp 69.
B Grade Winner: John Curran 66. B Grade Runner Up: Ross Cairge 66.
C Grade Winner: Kale Oxenham 65. C Grade Runner Up: Jerome Jackson 69.
Gross Winner: Richie Pershouse 71.

Pro Shots: No 2: Anthony Cook 91cm. No 18 A Grade: Peter Farley 24cm. No 18 B Grade: Dan Lewis 5m. No 18 C Grade: Justin Hooper 4.31m. Club Shots: No 11 A Grade: Not Won. No 8 B Grade: Alan Devonshire- in the hole . No 17 C Grade: Robert McIntyre 8.09m. No 13: Stewart Weston 2.41.

Rundown: Kale Oxenham 65, John Curran 66, Ross Cairge 66, Justin Hawley 68, John Wastell 68, Richie Pershouse 69, Tim Cumming 69, Nathan Beauchamp 69, Jerome Jackson 69, Troy Moore 70, John Baly 70, Peter Farley 70, Noel Gardner 70, Kelvin Applewaite 71, Justin Hooper 71, Glenn Cox 71, Kevin Chopping 72, Gerald Hickey 72, Kerry Lynam 72, Vincent Crough 72, Dale Price 72, Darryl Gregson 73, Denis McKay 73, Paul Hatchman 73, Bevan Thompson 73, Alan Devonshire 73, Col Lindsay 73, Michael Thomson 73, David Donaldson 73.

Golfer of the Year Overall Winners
Richie Pershouse
Dan Duffy
Paul Bungey
Steve Anderson
John Seeman

Coming Events:
Monday 3rd December: Veterans: Closing Day 14 Hole 8.30am Stableford.
Wednesday 5th December: Women: Single Stableford. Trophy: RGC.
Thursday 6th December: Thursday Club Break Up Day
Saturday 8th December:
  - Men: Single Stableford Trophy: RGC.
  - Women: Single Standard scratch. Trophy: RGC
Sunday 9th December: Social Groups: Frenchville 7.30am





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