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Report For Week Ending 22nd April 2018

Wednesday 18th April: 
Ladies played in a Monthly Medal. Trophy: Ian Collins.
Div 1 Nett Winner: Kathy Beaumont 73. Div 1 Nett Runner Up: Loretta Donaldson 74.
Div 2 Nett Winner: Fiona Moore 71, Div 2 Nett Runner Up: Joy Coombes 74.
Div 1 Gross Winner: Loretta Donaldson 88.
Div 2 Gross Winner: Nola Taylor 99.

Pin Shots: Pro Shot Hole 2: Carol Young 2.85m, Pro Shot Hole 18: not won. Hole 4 off the Green Merryl Boneham 20cm, Hole 5 Div 1 Graded: not won Hole 5 Div 2: Helen Kirn 2.64m. Hole 13 Div 1: Carol Young 43cm, Hole 5 Div 2: Helen Kirn 2.64m

Rundown: Fiona Moore, Kathryn Beaumont, Joy Coombes, Nola Taylor, Loretta Donaldson, Helen Wastell, Kathy Pill, Issie McDonald, Kathy Davidson, Deanne Smith

Thursday Club 19th April:
Winner: A Grade Winner: Luke Harris 43, A Grade Runner Up: Peter Dawson 38,
B Grade Winner: Bob Lindley 44, B Grade Runner Up: Ernie Corkill 42,
C Grade Winner: Paul Khoo 40, C Grade Runner Up: Greg Jones 38.
Bradman: John Compton 16.

Pin Shots: Hole 2 Pro Shot Open: John Clune 1.55m, Hole 7 2nd Shot C Grade: Gerry Stewart 6cm, Hole 8 2nd Shot B Grade: Bob Lindley 2.85m. Hole 10 Project Mex: Col Lindsay .46m Hole 11 NTP: not won. Hole 13 2nd Shot Open Jolt Lance Antcliff 3.73m, Hole 172nd Shot Peter Boodles: Andrew Mansfield 48cm. Hole 18 NTP A Grade: Lance Antcliff 3.73m.

Rundown: Jon Milner 41, Chris Clein 40, Fred Flenady 39, Michael Walker 39, Andrew Keong 37, Geoff Parsons 37, Blake Eather 37, Russell Leonard 37, Mick Bennett 37, Peter Beck 37, Glenn Chopping 37, John Wastell 37

Saturday 21st April:
Ladies played a Single Stroke. Trophy: Sue Weier.  Winner: Lorrie Donaldson 75 Runner Up: Glenda Aitken, Pin Shots: Pro Shot Hole 2: Helen Wastell 3.18m Hole 7 donated by the Edge: not won, Pin Shots Hole 9: Glenda Aitken 18cm, Pin Shots Hole 11: not won.
Rundown: Lorrie Donaldson 75, Glenda Aitken 77.

Saturday 21st April:
163 Men Played in a Single Stroke Competition: Trophy: Vince Crough, Les Berryman, Lachlan Spyve & Jeff Kuhl .
Winner A Grade: Merv Keneally 68, A Grade Runner Up: Neil Laracy 70.
Winner B Grade: Paul Hatchman 67, Runner Up B Grade: Matt Hagen 68.
Winner C Grade: Brett McAtamney 73, Runner Up C Grade: Alf McDonaugh 74.

Pin Shots: Pro Shot No 2 All Grades: Neil Rodda 1.2m (12), No 18 A Grade: Neil Rodda 1.58m (7), No 18 B Grade: Justin Hawley 2.14m (7), No 18 C Grade: Warren Weder 79cm (5). Club Shots No 11: Rod Carpenter 1.55m (6) No 8 B grade: Bruce McCulloch 1.96m (6) No 17C Grade: Craig Johns 2.92m (6) No 13 Jolt John Baley 5.4m

Rundown: Paul Hatchman 67, Merv Keneally 68, Matt Hagen 68, Neal Laray 70, Lorrie Corry 70, Tim Patterson 70, Col Lindsay 70, Neal Rodda 71, Michael Makers 71, Joel Kilpatrick 72, Paul Bungey 72 , Bevan Macnaughtan 72, Bruce McCullouch 72, Rod Carpenter 73, Brian Sleep 73, John Hamilton 73, Brett McAtamney 73, Brian McDevitt 73, Kevin Chopping 73, Rod Laird 73, Darryl Myles 73, Aln Chambers 73, Will Leifels 74, Alf McDonaugh 74, Warren Weder 74, Grant Bond 74, Ben Rutherford 74, David Zonca 74, Craig Johns 74, William Blake 75.

Coming Events:
Wednesday 25th April Anzac Day: Shotgun Start 12.00pm.
Thursday26th April: Thursday Club Stableford
Saturday 28th April: City of Rockhampton Open 4BBB Standard Scratch Championships Turbitt Cup (4 leading Pairs in Gross Event to qualify for Breckels Shield) Players must be available 24th June 1st July 2018
Trophy: Champ Resources Scott Chapman
Sunday 29th April: City of Rockhampton Mixed Open Championships 12.00pm Shotgun Start Trophy: Matt Sleaford BOQ North Rockhampton.






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