2018 - Elders Insurance Rockhampton
Golfer Of The Year Competition

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Report For Week Ending 13th May 2018

Friday 27th April:
City of Rockhampton Open Championships 2018
Sponsored by David French and the Investment Collective.
Open Champion: Sarah Antcliff 80 (Yeppoon)
A Grade Gross Winner: Sarah Antcliff 80,
B Grade Gross Winner: Tracy Green (Biloela)
C Grade Gross Winner: Kathryn McPhall (Yeppoon) 105,

A Grade Gross Runner Up: Lorretta Donaldson (Rton) 81,
B Grade Gross Runner Up: Julie Blake (Rton) 96,
C Grade Gross Runner Up: Sue Weier (Rton) 106,

A Grade Nett Winner: Nadine Battiland (Yeppoon) 69,
B Grade Nett Winner: Lesley Heap (Yeppoon) 72,
C Grade Nett Winner: Gayle Field (Nth Rton) 75,

A Grade Nett Runner Up: Helen Wastell (Rton) 72,
B Grade Nett Runner Up: Shelly Horwell (Yeppoon) 74,
C Grade Nett Runner Up: Yvonnne Peterken (Gladstone) 77,

Best Nett by Local (Charles Kerr Cup) Loretta Donaldson (Rton) 68,
Best Nett by Visitor: Casey Drochman (Biloela) 74,
Best Nett by a Veteran: Betty Dann (Yeppoon).

Long Drive A Grade: Sarah Antcliff, Long Drive B Grade: Tracey Crew, Long Drive C Grade: Sue Weier.

Pro Shot Hole 2: Sarah Antcliff 50cm, Pro Shot Hole 18: Meryl Watson 99cm,Hole 4: A Grade: Sarah Antcliff 3cm, B Grade: Julie Morrison 90cm, C Grade: B. O’ Brien 49cm, Hole 8 A Grade: Sarah Antcliff 2.95m, B Grade: Isobel McDonald 42cm, C Grade: Deanne Smith in hole. Hole 13: A Grade: Casey Drochman 1.24, B Grade: Joy Plowright 81cm, C Grade: Yvonne Peterken in hole.

Saturday 28th April: 
Ladies - Winner: Lorry Donaldson 36, Runner Up: Helen Wastel 33.
Pin Shots: Pro shot 2: Lorry Donaldson 2.38m Club Shots Hole 9: Lyndal Della Bosca 1.18m, Hole 11 Tricia Donaldson 2.10.
Rundown: Lorry Donaldson 36.

Wednesday 2nd May:
Ladies played a 4BBB Stableford. Trophy: Harvey Norman Electrical.
Winners: Judy Lindsay/ Gloria Lowry 43, Runners Up: Helen Kirn /Margaret Moran 42.
Pin Shots: Pro shot No 2 All Grades: Marg Moran/ Helen Kirn 80cm (2) No 18: not won. Hole 7 donatd by the Edge: Julie Blake/Issy McDonald 9.4m. Club Shots 8 Div 1: not won, Div 2: Julie Blacke/Issie McDonald 2.87m. Hole 4 off green: Issie McDonald/Julie Blake 4cm. Hole 12: Div 1: Meryl Boneham/Lorrie Donaldson 45cm, Div 2: Julie Blair/Helen Wastell In the Hole.
Rundown: Judy Lindsay/Gloria Lowry, Helen Kirn/Margaret Moran.

Thursday 3rd May:
41 players Rydges trip. Due to lack of numbers only 2 prizes.
Winner: Des Pill 69, Runner Up: Neil Smith 71. Bradman: Jeff Kuhl.

Pin Shots Hole2: Pro Shot Open: Gary Sullivan 1.06m, Hole 7 2nd Shot C Grade: Craig Johns 2.65m, Hole 8 2nd Shot B Grade: Peter Williams 3.70m, Hole 10 3rd Shot Open Project Mex: Neil Smith 40cm, Hole 11 NTP Open: not won. Hole 13 2nd Shot Open Jolt: Darryl Mallory 2.7m, Hole 17 2nd Shot Peter Boodles: Jeff Kuhl, Hole 18 NTP: A Grade: Ricky Gunzler 5.72.

Rundown: Gary Sullivan, Col McKendry, Jon Baly, Peter Williams, Darryl Mallory, Stuart Thomasson, Craig Johns, Dale Price, Barry Hare, Paul Bungy, Don Bunt, John Barrie.

Wednesday 9th May:
Ladies played a monthly Medal Trophy: Lorraine Smith & Glenda Aitken.
Div 1 Nett Winner: Isobel McDonald 76, Div 1 Nett Runner Up: Judy Lindsay 78,
Div 2 Nett Winner: Dell Bunt 79, Div 2 Nett Runner Up: Cookie McDonald 80 c/b,
Div 1 Gross Winner: Helen Wastell 96, Div 2 Gross Winner: Dell Bunt 105,

Pro shot Hole 2 Dell Bunt 8.31m, Hole 18: Cookie McDonald 3 metres. Club Pin shots: 15 Off Green: Ann Lynam in the hole. Hole 12 Div 1 graded: Not won. Div 2: Hole 12 Mary Willis 53cm, Hole No 8: Div 1: Judy Lindsay 11.98m, Div 2: Nola Taylor 3.43.

Rundown: Isobel McDonald 76, Judy Lindsay 78, Helen Wastell 79, Dell Bunt 79, Kathy Davidson 79.

Thursday Club 10th May:
A Grade Winner: Steve Snell 41, A Grade Runner Up: Merv Keneally 40,
B Grade Winner: Peter Williams 43, B Grade Runner Up: Ralph Minter 38,
C Grade Winner: Garry Saunders 42, C Grade Runner Up: Jerome Jackson 41.
Bradman: Wayne Clifford.

Pin Shots Hole 2 Pro Shot Open: Leon Sadler 2.70 Hole 7 2nd Shot C Grade: Jeff Kuhl, Hole 8 2nd Shot B Grade: Peter Williams .69. Hole 10 Project Mex: Greg Rideout 1.57m Hole 11NTP: Col McKendry .65m. Hole 13 2nd Shot Open Jolt: G. Howells 1.42m, Hole 17 2nd Shot Peter Boodles: Ian Collins 1.12. Hole 18 NTP A Grade: Jake Dew 3.2m.

Rundown: Will Leifels 38, Sam Fairweather 38, Ian Collins 37, Noel Russell 37, Robert Blair 37, George Pezaros 37, Darryl Mallory 37, Neil Smith 36, Geordie Cawthray 36, G. Howells 35, Adrew Keong 35, Garry Sullivan 35

Saturday 12th May: Ladies No results.

Saturday 12th May: 159 Men played a Monthly Medal. Sponsor: Betta Electrical - Gary & Chris Thomason.
Winner: A Grade: Dean Bunt 68 , A Grade Runner Up: Peter Dawson 70,
Winner: B Grade: J.J Dunnett 66, B Grade Runner Up: Doug Miles 71,
Winner: C Grade: Andrew Russell 70, C Grade Runner Up: Josiah Drane 70,
Best Gross: Dan Bunt 72.

Pro shots No 2 All Grades: Ben Curran & Syd Mills 2.4 (14) shared. No 18 A Grade: Ben Rutherford 75cm, No 18: B Grade: Lawrence Corry 1.43m, No 18 C Grade: Josiah Drane 4.84m. Club shots: No 11 A Grade: Richie Pershouse 4.67m, No 8: B Grade: Ossie Chea 7.5m, No 17 C Grade: Not won. No 13 Jolt: John Curran 25cm. Rundown: J.J. Dunnett 66, Dean Bunt 68, Andrew Russell 70, Peter Dawson 70, Richie Pershouse 70, Rhian Applewaite 70, Josiah Drane 70, Danny Barrett 71, Douglas Miles 71, Des Pill 71, Stephen O’Brien 71, Chris McIntosh 71, Bruce Winn 72, Peter Farley 72, Ross Carige 72, Nathan Harris 72, Vincent Crough 73, Michael Walker 73, John Featherstone 73, Mick Harris 73, Michael Kennedy 73, Rod Carpenter 73, Denis McKay 73, Daniel Mollard 74, Chris Bridges 74, Lawrence Corry 74, Ray Parsons 74, Simon Vickery 74, Michael Bateman 74, Michael Warren 74, Brian McDevitt 74, Ben Curran 74.

Coming Events:
Thursday 17th May Thursday Club Stableford
Saturday 19th May: Men: Split 6 Stroke Trophy: Danny Barrett. Women: Standard Scratch Trophy: RGC.
Sunday 20th May: Elders Insurance Rockhampton Golfer of the Year Stroke
Event Day Sponsor: PFD





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