2018 - Elders Insurance Rockhampton
Golfer Of The Year Competition

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Sunday 18th Elders Insurance Rockhampton Golfer of the Year.


Report For Week Ending 11th March 2018

Wednesday 7th March: 
Ladies played Foursomes Championships. Trophies: George Pomfret Ideal Dry Cleaners.
Winners: Helen Kirn & Shirley Gleeson 72, Runner Up: Kerrie McHugh & Cathy Simmers 73.5.
Pin Shots: Pro Shot Hole 2 - L. Bollington & Bev Cooper 10.4m (4). Pro shot Hole 11: M. Boneham & I. McDonald 6.38m Club Pin shot No 15: H. Kirn & S. Gleeson in the hole. Hole 4 off the Green: Helen Wastell & L. Donaldson in the Hole Hole 9 off the Green Deanne Smith & Glenda Aitken 55cm. Rundown: H. Kirn & S. Gleeson 72, K. McHugh & C. Simmers 73, L. Della Bosca & C. Rattenbury.

Thursday Club 8th March:
A Grade Winner: Nathan Harris 37, A Grade Runner Up: Derek Jones 37,
B Grade Winner: Tony Hoffman 39, B Grade Runner Up: John Milliner 39,
C Grade Winner: Don Bunt 35, C Grade Runner Up: Jim Young 34,
Bradman: Geoff Parsons 12.

Pin Shots: Hole 2 Pro Shot Open: Jo Van Nunen .83 Hole 7 2nd Shot C Grade: Ray Bianchi .40 Hole 8 Hole 11 NTP Open: not won, Hole 13 2nd Shot Open Degani: not won. 2nd Shot B Grade: John Milliner 1.80m, Hole 17 2nd Shot Peter Boodles: Merv Keneally, Hole 18 NTP A Grade Andrew Mansfield 3.20

Rundown: Aln Chambers 37, col Lindsay 37, Lance Antcliff 37, Ashley Ryan 36, John Harris 36, Wayne Clifford 36, Grant Vickery 36, Andrew Mansfield 36, Ian Collins 36, Terry Galvin 36, Robert Blair 36, Spencer Chapman 35.

Saturday 10th March:
Ladies played a Single Stableford. Trophy: Isobel McDonald.
Winner: Kerrie McHugh 38. Runner Up: Lyndal Della Bosca 37,
Pro Shot No 2: Merryl Boneham 2.11, Hole 7 donated by the Edge: not won. Pin Shot Hole 9: Glenda Aitken 1.32m, Hole 11: Deb Carige 1.08m.
Rundown: Kerrie McHugh, Lyndal Della Bosca.
Men played in the Bunt & Bridges Annual 2 Ball. Trophies: Dean Bunt & Chris Bridges.
Visitors: Greg Lingard, Richard Clayton, Stephen Docter & Joe Walters Maleny Golf Club.
Winners: Michael Kennedy & Andrew Mansfield 61,
Runner Up: Dean Rothery & Scott Thomas
3rd: Joseph Thomasson & Geoff Parsons 61.5.

Pin Shots: Pro Shot No 2 All Grades: N. Beauchamp 59cm (15), No 18 A Grade: S. Van Nunen 2.14 (12), Long Drive 5th Hole: Grant Collins Extra Pin Shot 7: Dean Bunt 2.21m. Club Shots No 11: D. Bunt 1.43m (6), No 8: P. Bungy 1.57m (6) No 17 P. Mehlhose IN the Hole (6). No 13 Jolt Hole: M. Borich 2.21m.

Rundown: Michael Kennedy & Andrew Mansfield 61, Dean Rothery & Scott Thomas 61, Joseph Thomason & Geoff Parsons 61.5, Jacob Borich & Matt Borich 61.75, Noel Gardner & Jeff Bastin-Byrne, Stephen Osborne & Aln chambers 62.25, Jake Crear & Grant Collins 62.25, Greg Lingard & Noel Russell 62.25, Peter Barrett & Denis McKay 62.5, ross Borg & Turtle Borg 62.75, Jeff Kuhl & Dale Price 62.75, Pat Charles & Michael Bateman 63.25, Leon Heath & Mitch Heath 63.5, Michael Makers & Simon Vickery 63.5, Greg Black & Grant Bond 63.5, Adrian Reynolds & Vincent Gregson 63.5, Josh Sommerfeld & Matt Sleaford 63.5, Michael Learmonth & Darryl Mallory 64.25, Chris Bridges & Dean Bunt 64.25, Ralph Brown & Trent Lauga 64.5.

Coming Events:
Wednesday 14th February Aggregate Stableford/Mystery Partner, Trophy: Lorry Donaldson.
Thursday 15th February: Stableford
Saturday 17th: Men: Single Stroke ABC Grade. Trophy: Brett McGowan, Phil Benson, Adam McNaughtan.
Women: Single Stroke. Trophy: Julie Blake
Sunday 18th Elders Insurance Rockhampton Golfer of the Year. Event Day Sponsor: Gunna Do Hardware.






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