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Golf is an excellent game for young people to play and stay fit, develop personal skills and interact with others in a friendly environment. 

The Rockhampton Junior Golf Club offers junior golfers the opportunity to learn and play golf on one of the best regional golf courses in Queensland. 

  • What do we do?
    The Club caters for juniors of all ages and ability, with regular competitions in 3, 6, 9, 13 and 18 hole events. Juniors are moved up into the next division as their handicap shows they are ready. This helps them build their skills at their own pace yet keeps them at a competitive level. Club Professional, Jeff Hoy provides clinics for junior members during the year.
  • When do we do it?
    We hold junior competitions on Sunday mornings from February through to November (see attached calendar). Tee off times start at 07:00am through to 08:00am. Each week we have prizes for winners and runners up in each division. We also provide prizes for pin shots in each division. Parents are encouraged to support their children and must accompany 3 and 6 hole players.
  • How much does it cost?
    As a sport, golf has a very low basic outlay. Of course, it’s then up to your budget on how much you want to spend. Starting your child will only require a very basic set of golf clubs which are available from Ian Collins Pro Shop at a very competitive price. As your child progresses, you can add extra clubs to their kit. As part of the signup fee, your child gets a Rockhampton Junior Golf Shirt, waterbottle and cap. Membership fees for juniors are: Sub-Juniors (under 13 years) - start at less than $100, with additional fees to the Junior Cluib to cover uniforms and competitions.$150 total. Juniors (over 13 years) - start at $200. A small price of $5 each Sunday is charged to cover the cost of prizes for weekly competitions.
  • What do you need?
    A set of golf clubs is required, but if you don't yet have a set, they can be borrowed from the Club Professional at no cost while you are getting started.
  • How can my child practice?
    Our club professional, Jeffrey Hoy, holds free golf clinics on a weekly basis throughout the year. These clinics are designed to accommodate children of all ages and levels who either want to learn the basics of golf, or fine tune their game. You will see your child build up in confidence and pick up the fundamentals of golf very quickly after attending these clinics.
  • Are there any major events?
    As part of our Junior Squad, your child will be able to enter Junior Opens held throughout the year at golf clubs throughout Queensland. We encourage our members to participate at these events and represent Rockhampton Junior Golf Club. Here, they will have the chance to win great prizes and have the opportunity to play at different golf courses to test their skills.
  • How can parents get involved?
    Rockhampton Junior Golf Club is a club run on the help of volunteers and we encourage parents to get involved within the club in any capacity. Please ensure you let the coordinator know if you wish to volunteer your time to assist.
  • Club values
    Here at Rocky Junior Golf, we instil three core values in our players to live by when playing and representing Rocky Junior Golf Club. These values are sportsmanship, honesty and courtesy which are the core values of any great sportsperson. We believe that by instilling and living these values on the sports field, it will have a positive effect on children's lives away from it.



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